Russian Wilderness Outing

Sunday August 21 through Wednesday August 24

Sunday August 21 – Drive to Etna.  Stop for lunch at the City of Mt. Shasta.  Stay at the Etna Motel.

Monday August 22 – Hike up to Little Duck Lake.  Stay at the Etna Motel.

Tuesday August 23 – Drive to Crescent City stopping along the way especially to see Picea breweriana and Darlingtonia californica populations, and later to visit the Boy Scout Trail and the Stout Memorial Grove in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.  Stay at Hampton Court in Crescent City.

Wednesday August 24 – Drive to Glen Ellen stopping along the way at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, Patrick’s Point State Park, and the Rockefeller Forest at Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

Everyone must be prepared to pay for their own expenses and share in the cost of gasoline.  We will be going in a car pool caravan and will sort out who is in which car later.  Of course, you can request a switch if you find you can’t stand the person sitting next to you (though you might be left by the side of the road instead).  Please travel light, but bring a hat, sunscreen, a large water bottle or two, and whatever you need for the four day outing.

Stew Winchester, who knows the area very well, will be traveling with us as our guide.  The current group includes:

Steve Blackmore

Tony & Sally Kirkham

Charlie Howick

Charlie Erskine

Peter Del Tredici

Rick Lewandowski

Scot Medbury

Cameron Wolfe Jr.

Corey Barnes

Christine Walker

David Crombie

Tom Cox

Bill McNamara

Andy Hill

The motel in Etna has only 10 rooms, so some of you will have to share a room.  Some of you have already requested a room to yourself.  There are others who may want to join us as well.  David Crombie and I will not be joining you for the last two days, as I need to return to Glen Ellen.  Those of you who were planning on coming to the rehearsal dinner will have to have dinner on your own somewhere along the road while returning, as you won’t make it back in time.  Please let me know your arrival times at the airport so that we can plan for your pick up.  I will keep you posted of any changes or updates.  You will need to be careful as you will be in Big Foot country.

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